Absurdly Expensive Indiana Jones Stuff

expensive indiana jones stuffThere is extremely expensive stuff for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Terminator, and now we present… Indiana Jones. There’s a ton of stuff, but for this we’ll focus only on things that huge fans with lots of money can afford (not to worry, much of the Short Round stuff is affordable). Let’s check it out.

Indiana Jones vs. Mola Ram Diorama

200021 press05 001
To me, Part II was the most fun flick, and this scene was awesome. Well worth the $300.

Indiana Jones Mola Ram Premium Format Figure

3000281 press01 001

To me, this guy was the most fun villain. Very well worth the $295 and you’ve gotta get the bonus ceremonial chalice. Real blood not included.

Indiana Jones Fertility Idol Prop Replica

400036 press04 001

Unlike the statues, this one is specifically for reenacting the scene in Part II with the rolling ball. So this is a bargain at $200.

Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
39121 press01 001 560x373

Wait. They made a statue of this? The nuke-the-fridge Indy? For $175? The scene that suddenly made Indy uncool? That’s almost worse than this:

Happy Days Fonzie Jumps The Shark Action Figure
41RH46XKD6L. SL500 AA300

Incidentally, jump the shark and nuke the fridge share a Wikipedia entry.

Toht 12-inch Figure

39091 press01 001 560x464

Here’s the statue of the warning of what happens if you open the Ark of the Covenant. I wonder if the people in Ethiopia, who believe they have the true ark, have seen this movie. $95.

Dr. Rene Belloq
39081 press01 001

Indy’s old rival. But where are the natives with the poisoned darts? $140.

Ark of the Covenant400037 press05 001 560x373

Unfortunately, this is not 1:1 scale, which sucks big time because everyone wants to reenact the scene in Part I. $250 for a 1:4 scale. I suppose that means a 1:1 scale would be $1000, right?

Indiana Jones – The Temple of Doom
3000371 press01 001

To me, this is just a ho-hum statue of Indy from Part II, but what really makes it is the chilled monkey brains. $310.

Indiana Jones Fedora Fur Felt Hat
900024 press02 001 560x439

Indiana Jones hats are all over the place but here’s a high-quality one for $100. It’s not the most expensive, though. It appears there was at one time an Indiana Jones Fedora Beaver Hat for $500.

There’s actually more Indiana Jones stuff available, but much of it is lame, particularly from Part IV. Check out more from Sideshow.

Gentle Giant Indiana Jones on Horse Bronze Edition Statue
41MkLG4+XWL. SL500 AA300

I’m not as big a fan as Gentle Giant stuff but at least they immortalized Indy in bronze. $250.

Indiana Jones Leather Bullwhip
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Well, you’ve gotta get the whip. Here’s one. $200.