Absurdly Expensive Terminator Stuff

terminator stuff

Like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, Terminator is another movie franchise that has a following of nerds with disposable income. Therefore, companies produce high-quality, high-priced merchandise. Sideshow Collectibles, which specializes in making such products, has outdone themselves with the T-800 stuff in particular, creating everything from a full-sized T-800 to a must-have Sarah Connor figure.

T-800 Endoskeleton

83091First and foremost, here is the ultimate of all Terminator knickknacks. It’s the life-size T-800 Endoskeleton, which measures more than six feet high. It’s only $5950.00, but might be difficult to find because it’s sold out. However, check eBay because some people find themselves needing to unload this from their collection.

T-800 Endoskeleton 1:2 Scale Replica

8321Too cheap to buy the 1:1 scale version of the Terminator? Then settle for this 1:2 scale, all three feet of him. Oh, scary, a three foot Terminator! This originally costs $1999.00.

T-800 Endoskeleton Black Version 12 inch Figure


Okay, so you’re still too cheap to get the 1:2 scale figure, so here is the $199.99 12-inch version, which comes in black or chrome.

T-800 Life-Size Bust


Now we’re talking. A life-sized bust of Arnold with half a head. This dude is 21 inches high. I’m not too impressed with this one as his face doesn’t look real enough. I’ll spend my $549.99 elsewhere.

T-800 Endoskeleton Combat Version Life-Size Bust


If you don’t like Arnold, then here’s one with his skin completely ripped off. This on is only 13 inches high and $499.99. That means Arnold’s skin is worth $50.

T-800 1:2 Scale Bust


This is cool but it’s only half the size of the original, but it’s still 27 inches. $999.99

T-800 Polystone Statue


Sideshow says this $244.99 statue will only be limited to 225, which seems pretty low. It’s supposed to come out in 2011.

T-800 Premium Format Figure


This T-800 is limited to 1500, but costs $299.99. Unclear on why Sideshow would release two products that are so similar.

T-600 Life-Size Bust

400012Now let’s look at the lame T-600 bust, which is an ancient relic compared to the T-800. This looks like it belongs in a robot graveyard. $749.99

T-700 Life-Size Bust


The T-700, too, looks like one of those robot skulls that keeps getting stepped on by other robots. $499.99.

T-1000 in Sarah Connor Disguise

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This is the hottest Sarah Connor figure available, but unfortunately it’s not really her – it’s the T-1000 in disguise. So if you get rid of the Robert Patrick head and accessories, you can pretend it’s the real Connor. It’s a very reasonable $149.99.

Sarah Connor 12 inch Figure900866

Now this is the real Connor, but unfortunately it’s the one that more resembles the one that James Cameron divorced instead of the hottie that the T-1000 becomes. $149.99.

There is also a bunch of John Connor stuff available, but who would want that?