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Honestli Banner 560x324It can surely be argued that the last thing the world needs is another social media platform. We’re of the opinion that more choice is always better, and if something new comes along that offers a compelling alternative to the status quo we like to share it with you. Introducing Honestli, a new app which encouraged free and intelligent expression about real life and the world around us! They accomplish this by establishing an anonymous community designed to let you be the real you.

While we generally appreciate knowing who we are communicating with on the internet, there are times that we hold back our true opinions in online discussion, because it’s too easy to offend someone. For those times when we have something that we just have to get off our chest, it’s great to have someplace we can go for an open and honest discussion without pissing off Uncle Freddie.

Honestli Screenshots 560x330With Honestli you can speak openly into a world free from friends and family seeing every photo and idea you want to post. You can enter the “Confessional” to share and see the most personal Honestli posts, or choose several other topics of interest to personalize what you see and do on Honestli. Some of their categories will look familiar to our Gunaxin audience; sports, entertainment, celebrities, and more. Honestli isn’t just another app for high school bullying or lame lewd posts. They give you the power to select only the topics you want to read and block the users you want to ignore.

We downloaded the App to give it a try, and overall found it relatively easily to understand and get started. The interface is intuitive, although the effects utilized in the app make it feel slow and unresponsive at times. The community is relatively small at the moment, but growing. If you find other social media networks overwhelming, then this might be the place for you to be a big fish in a smaller pond. The conversation is open, honest, and generally focused on the broad topics provided. The system is developed and the structure is sound, so there is real potential for Honestli to take off as the next hot app. If you’d like to get in on the ground floor, you can download it for free on iTunes or Google Play. Maybe we’ll see you on there… but you won’t know who we are!

As an incentive to encourage you to check it out, Honestli has provided us with a $50 Gift Card to iTunes or Google Play to award to a random Gunaxin reader. See the widget below for how to enter!

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