Choose Your Facebook Cartoon Avatar

cartoon network avatars 2 0 by kal dusty d2yjwdwWe here at Gunaxin don’t start the trends, we just blindly follow them, no matter what the cause. Shave our heads for women’s rights? Eat jars of peanut butter to stop animal testing? Check and check. Last month, we grew mustaches to help to eradicate prostate cancer. But now, we’ve got the best one of them all. We’re changing our Facebook avatars to cartoon characters, which will help fight child abuse, according to the group, Campaign To End Violence Against Children – Childhood Cartoon Faces. The fact that it could be a hoax doesn’t interest us at all.

This brings up one very important question. Which cartoon character do we choose? Read these articles carefully before making a decision.

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The Top Ten Cartoon Icons of All Time

Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, you can’t go wrong with a classic.

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Top Ten Hottest Cartoon Characters

Certainly, women wanting to stop child abuse would want to be a hot female cartoon, so they checked this one out.

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Top Ten Ugliest Cartoon Characters Ever

But who wants to be a hot cartoon character? How about an fugly one?

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The 2010 List Of The Wealthiest Cartoon Characters

How about Richie Rich or Scrooge McDuck?

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The Sixteen Most Ambiguous Cartoon Characters

Some toons might play for the opposite team.

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Ten Annoying Cartoon Sidekicks

Are you an animated hero? Are you in need of a sidekick? Avoid this lot.

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Top Ten Cartoons in the 80s

The shows we can still admit to having loved after all these years.

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Ten of the Funniest Bugs Bunny Cartoons

Bugs Bunny, proving once again he is the king of funny cartoons.

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The Fifteen Greatest Cartoon Frontmen

If ya got a team you’re gonna need a leader. Here’s the best you can do.

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Ten Kick-Ass Transformers Who Often Get The Shaft

Transformers are cool. Here’s 10 that don’t always get what they deserve.

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5 Cartoon Characters With Dangerous Food Addictions

Why is it that so many cartoon characters have food issues? Learn the dark, delicious secrets behind some of your favorite kid’s characters.

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Eighteen Awesome Animated Mad Scientists

Get out your chemistry set, here are some crazy Mad Scientists!

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Batman Animated: Ten Toons of the Dark Knight

Ten of the many ways Batman has been animated over the years.

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A Tribute to Yosemite Sam

I’m no Doc, ya flea-bitten varmint!

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A Tribute to the Tasmanian Devil

Bearahha Grabulbahrg Obulagubulla!

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A Tribute to South Park’s Timmy

Timmy! Timmy! Timmy!

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The New Seuss, The True Seuss

PBS knows a lot about the Cat in the Hat.

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Best Futurama Characters to Party With

What would a night partying with different Futurama characters be like?

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When Good Cartoons Go Bad

The downfall of the classic American cartoon frequently came from within.

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The Grooviest Monster Toons (from the 70’s and 80’s)

Now’s a great time of year to check out the awesome Monster Toons! Do it!

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“I’m with Stupid” – Cartoon Edition

In a world festooned with cartoon characters, it’s nice to know the stupidest ones.

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Cross Gender Superheroes?

Imagine a female version of your favorite character and this would be the result