Family Circus for the Rest of Us

Family Circus

Bil Keane is considered, in some circles, to be a god. That is an indisputable fact. His comic strip, the family oriented Family Circus is one of the most successful and popular in the world. Debuting in 1960, it has been going strong for 50 years now, appearing in over 1,500 newspapers worldwide. That’s no small accomplishment, nor is the fact that his Family Circus books have sold over thirteen million copies over the years. These are impressive statistics, and they and earn Mr. Keane our utmost respect.

Here’s the thing though. The Family Circus isn’t really that funny. It’s cute and it’s adorable, and if cute and adorable is what you are looking for, well then you certainly have your comic strip. But what about the rest of us- those of us who like our humor with an edge to it? Maybe some humor that makes us think and examine the frailty of our own existence? The Family Circus has all but ignored this demographic, and that’s really a shame. There are  many of us that might enjoy this classic comic strip, if only it would reach out to us and say, “Hey I understand you, too.”  So, with that thought in mind, we have kept Bil Keane’s integrity intact by not tampering with his art, only changing the words to create a Family Circus for the rest of us. So gather the children, go grab grandma out of the nursing home, and share these classics as a family.

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