Family Circus for the Rest of Us – Vol. 2

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Everything that was written for the introduction for the first volume of Family Circus for the Rest of Us is still pertinent and valid for this, the second volume. It is for that reason that we are not changing any of it, instead repeating it verbatim and adding the words “some more of” to the final sentence.

Bil Keane is considered, in some circles to be a god. That is an indisputable fact that can not be argued with. His comic strip, the family oriented Family Circus is one of the most successful and popular in the world. Debuting in 1960, it has been going strong for 50 years now, appearing in over 1,500 newspapers worldwide. That’s no small accomplishment, nor is the fact that his Family Circus books have sold over thirteen million copies over the years. These are impressive facts, and they and earn Mr. Keane our utmost respect.

Here’s the thing though. The Family Circus isn’t really that funny. It’s cute and it’s adorable, and if cute and adorable is what you are looking for, well then you certainly have your comic strip. But what about the rest of us- those of us who like our humor with an edge to it? Maybe some humor that makes us think and examine the frailty of our own existence? The Family Circus has all but ignored this demographic, and that’s really a shame. There are  many of us that might enjoy this classic comic strip, if only it would reach out to us and say, “Hey I understand you, too.”  So, with that thought in mind, we have kept Bil Keane’s integrity intact by not tampering with his art, only changing the words to create a Family Circus for the rest of us. So gather the children, go grab grandma out of the nursing home, and share some more of these classics as a family.

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Jim Larsen

Contributor at Gunaxin
Jim Larsen began his Fool’s journey in the fall of 2004 when working as a government contractor, he literally heard the call of tarot spoken in his mind with the words “Jim, study tarot.” And Jim listened. Buying his first tarot deck that very day, he put himself on a path that completely altered his life in ways he didn’t see coming. From the government offices of the Washington D.C. metro area to the volcanic jungles of Hawaii, this path has led Jim to such places as India, China, Switzerland and more.

It is has been in his travels that Jim discovered the vast storehouse of esoteric knowledge that we, as incarnated humans, carry within us. Each of us- we all carry in us the wisdom of the ages. This wisdom is there for our benefit. All we have to do is tap into it. Jim’s personal word for this storehouse is “The Silence” for it is accessed through meditation, bliss, joy, and moments of ecstatic joy. It is not reached in those moments when the mind is engaged. It is reached when the mind is quiet and we have no need of thoughts.

It has been through Jim’s exploration of The Silence and his voracious journaling of his encounters there that he has gathered the material for his popular “Knowings from the Silence: Simple Wisdom from an Enlightened Life” series of books as well as his tarot take on The Silence- “What’s Tarot Got To Do With It?: The Fool’s Path to Enlightenment.”

Jim is also the author of “The Double Oh Fool’s Guide to Tarot Mastery” and “Art is the Best Revenge: Poetic Deviance by Jim Larsen.” What’s more, Jim is a renowned poet and humorist on the Big Island of Hawaii. He has dappled in film making, t-shirt design, and has made a name for himself in both improv and standup comedy. Jim is a Reiki Master, Deeksha Blessing giver, tarot card guru, theHonolulu Tarot Card Examiner for and the creator of the Fool’s Path Tarot Deck, available from his website,

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