Test Your Sports Knowledge at FanClash Trivia

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Being a sports fan doesn’t have to end after the game. In fact, that time –just after the final whistle- can be the most fun because your brain is still buzzing with fresh info and knowledge! So why not put that head full of useless stuff toward a good purpose: Trivia! That’s right, FanClash Trivia is a website where you and just about anyone else can toss around a few dollars and earn real money and prizes playing Sports Trivia. Fun! (FanClash is a skill-based game and is not considered gambling, however it is not offered to residents of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee at this time)

fanclash21 560x356If ya know stuff, ya know stuff… ya know? So why not head on over to FanClash.com and either register (it’s free), or just play as a guest (it’s also free) and test that sports-stuffed melon of yours against other players or against the computer? There are literally thousands of questions on several subjects. Those subjects being sports, obviously. Right now you can compete in three main categories; Pro Football, Pro Baseball, and Pro Basketball. According to owner and proprietor, Josh Weinstein, there will be more and more sports added in the coming weeks and months as the popularity grows, so don’t worry Hockey, NASCAR, and… uh, bowling fans (that may be a stretch), your favorites are likely on the horizon. Check out this video featuring Melanie Collins to see how fast and fun the trivia action is :

There are rooms for each category and you can go head-to-head with anyone on at the same time as you, or you can also go against three others making a game of four. Like Uno but with more sports trivia and less cards. Anyway, if you do choose to add funds to your account (an account that is fully customizable, by the way) you can wager anywhere from one dollar to twenty-five and go at it! Prizes are, obviously cash, and sports-type objects including gear and tickets to games. Very cool.

The platform is totally secure, is in compliance with all necessary legal statues, and uses the most reputable payment and banking services as partners. FanClash has also taken steps to make cheating a non-issue, with a 10-second time limit, and awarding correct answers bonus points attributed to how quickly they are submitted. The quicker you answer correctly, the more points you’ll receive, which makes Googling for answers ineffective.

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I spent a little time on the site, ran through a few trivia rounds and understood what I already knew: I suck at sports trivia. Fortunately, as I said, you don’t have to lose your shirt and can just play for fun. So, why not test your knowledge at FanClash Trivia while staring at the TV one evening? The game is currently available live from 7PM – 3AM ET for head to head play. Do you have what it takes to beat Melanie Collins (probably not) or myself (definitely) at Sports Trivia on December 22nd?

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