Farm to Feet : 100% American Socks

mst jennifer 1 a 2048x2048 560x252After recently purchasing a new pair of Timberland boots for a trip overseas, I quickly noticed the Bass Pro Shops RedHead all-purpose wool socks that I normally wear were way too thick for this particular shoe.

Serendipitously, Farm To Feet contacted me to see if I’d like to review some of their socks, which are available at REI.

While I’m not using these for traditional trail hiking, I do plan on wearing them during a tour overseas, which will consist of long days, a lot of walking, and limited space in the suitcase.

The first thing I like about the Farm To Feet socks is that I can use them in this particular pair of boots I have, and they take up far less room in my suitcase than the thick wool socks. But you can technically get any cheap pair of socks that take up less room – it’s quality that matters.

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The Farm to Feet socks are clearly engineered with extreme attention to detail, reinforced at the heel with stretchier material where it needs to be. Farm-to-Feet describes the Damascus Technical Hiker this way:

  • Comfort compression from top of the sock thru the middle arch to minimize foot fatigue and provide a superb fit
  • Seamless toe closure to eliminate blisters from hours on the trail
  • Targeted cushioning and reinforcement in the heel and ball of foot to provide comfort and durability where needed most

These socks are also very breathable, which is important as lots of walking tends to produce lots of sweat and odor. I don’t feel that’s happening with these, which is important while traveling for weeks at a time.

Another reason I appreciate these socks are the variety of designs. There are plenty to choose from, but just be careful to buy them according to the type of shoes or activity you’re doing, not just how nice they look.

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Lastly, Farm to Feet are made in America. Despite the divisive political climate we’re in right now, it’s always nice to find brands that are made right here in this country, especially clothing.

They’re available at REI stores, and I tested and highly recommend:

  • The Damascus lightweight crew
  • The Pickens ultralight everyday crew, with merino wool
  • The King, ultralight crew, with merino wool
  • The Damascus lightweight crew, which aren’t for boots but regular sneakers