Fat Guy Loses it Over Royal Rumble Results

Fat guy WWE overreactionFor those of you who skipped, or missed, the WWE’s Royal Rumble Sunday night, the biggest headline was The Rock’s victory over CM Punk. That victory netted The Rock, a part-time wrestler and full-time bad movie actor, the WWE Championship belt. When coupled with John Cena’s victory in the Rumble itself, Rock’s win set up a rematch between the two men for Wrestlemania 29, disappointing fans who had hoped to see new blood enter the top ranks following the PPV event.

One fan, however, took it a little harder than most. In a tantrum that was to be expected from a man with his own replica belt and a room full of WWE dolls, one portly fan loses his mind after The Rock’s final People’s Elbow. (NSFW)

Two takeaways from this clip. First, never trust a man with more WWE memorabilia than furniture and second, when you flip out following a wrestling PPV, don’t upload the video.

[video via r/WWE]