Father’s Day Gift….Crown Royal Style

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You will always remember your Dad’s advice throughout your life. Some advice might have gone in one ear and out the other and some stay with you the moment he uttered those words to you. Instead of a tie or a new set of golf balls that he can get on his own, why not get him something that he will truly like, which is his words of wisdom printed for all to see. He will enjoy the fact that you listened from time to time and that his words stuck in that brain of yours.


There are five Crown Royal bags that you can get personalized for your dad, and they come in 750 ml or 1.75 L size. You can also select custom bags for Crown Royal BLACK, Crown Royal Reserve, Crown Royal Cask No.16, or the Crown Royal XR spirit. For more info on personalizing a bag for dear ol’ dad check out the Crown Royal website. This gift will not end up in your dad’s closet buried under the ugly ties you got him in the past.