Is the Fedora a Good Look for a Girl?

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You can’t walk the streets of a major city in this country for more than five minutes this summer without seeing a girl wearing a fedora. I have mixed feelings on this somewhat recent fashion phenomenon. What started the popularity of these hats for young women? Who made the decision that women should style themselves after members of the Rat Pack?

image 1639772Yes, I know guys are also wearing these hats all over place. Personally, I think they just make you look like Humphrey Bogart and you should stick to a baseball hat of the city you live in, but that’s just me.

The real question here, and that I will throw out to a poll question, is the fedora a good look for a girl? Yes, I know what the girl looks like plays a factor in the question, but say you have two equally attractive females, are you going for the one with or without the fedora?

I suppose the fedora can add some sort of exotic or interesting element to a girl or it could just cover up her face, which maybe is a good thing in some instances. As you can see, I am confused…help me out Gunaxin readers and leave your comments below or on our Twitter account (@Gunaxin).