Fifteen Classic Songs Featuring Eyes

the who auck behind blue eyes 640 e1373343541335 560x278There have been songs written and performed on nearly every subject matter that you can think of. From time to time here at Gunaxin, we like to put together a playlist that focuses on one such subject or word. Consider us the DJ on your classic rock station trying to come up with a new theme for the mid-day music block, and today’s block topic is Eyes. We’ve put together a list of 15, but there are plenty more. Let us know in the comments section if we missed one of your favorites.

Hungry Eyes

Artist: Eric Carmen

What’s it About?: In a nut shell, this dude’s eyes see what this dude really, really wants. See?

Private Eyes

Artist: Hall and Oates

What’s it About?: I really don’t think this song is about actual Private Dicks. Wait. I guess, in a round about way…

Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Artist: Crystal Gayle

What’s it About?: “In a 2004 Country Music Television interview, Gayle stated that Leigh wrote the song because his dog had one brown eye and one blue eye.” (Wikipedia)

For Your Eyes Only

Artist: Sheena Easton

What’s it About?: Well, it’s the name of the James Bond flick for which it was written, but it also carries a double entendre of both being overtly sexual and referring to a secret thing.

Eyes Without a Face

Artist: Billy Idol

What’s it About?: The title of the song refers to French director Georges Franju’s movie Les yeux sans visage (1960). (Wikipedia)

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Artist: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

What’s it About?: Really? I think it’s pretty self-explanatory

Betty Davis Eyes

Artist: Kim Carnes

What’s it About?: Well, Betty Davis was pretty well known for having both haunting and calculating (not to mention pretty beautiful) eyes. So, the song is about a woman with said features.

These Eyes

Artist: The Guess Who

What’s it About?: Simply, the song refers to this guy’s eyes, which have seen… well, a lot. Apparently.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Artist: The Platters

What’s it About?: Though not confirmed, I think it’s told through a man’s perspective and the smoke in the eyes is an simple excuse as to why he might be crying.

Lyin’ Eyes

Artist: The Eagles

What’s it About?: Again, the song itself is an allegory for a cheating woman and her ‘lying eyes’. Yeah. That sounds about right.

Behind Blue Eyes

Artist: The Who

What’s it About?: “Behind Blue Eyes” is sung from the point of view of the main villain of Lifehouse, Jumbo. The lyrics are a first-person lament from Jumbo, who is always angry and full of angst because of all the pressure and temptation that surrounds him, and the song was intended to be his “theme song” had the project been successful.” (Wikipedia)

Angel Eyes

Artist: The Jeff Healey Band

What’s it About?: It’s a nick name for this cat’s chick, baby.

I Only Have Eyes For You

Artist: The Flamingos

What’s it About?: A guy only having eyes for his lady. Isn’t it sweet?

Green-Eyed Lady

Artist: Sugarloaf

What’s it About?: Let’s just pretend it’s about Absinthe. Because why not.

Brown Eyed Girl

Artist: Van Morrison

What’s it About?: “The song was originally titled “Brown-Skinned Girl,” and was about an interracial relationship. It has been stated that he (Van Morrison) changed the title to make the song more “palatable” for radio stations.” (Wikipedia)