Fifteen Movie Villains Celebrate Red Nose Day

Thanos Red Nose 560x315

Today is Red Nose Day, a holiday designed to raise awareness of Comic Relief, a non-profit organization which uses comedy to raise money to end child poverty. Red Nose Day is relatively new in the United States, but is gaining steam due to heavy promotion from NBC. We wanted to do our part here at Gunaxin, so we enlisted the assistance of our favorite movie villains and utilized basic Photoshop skills. Even the most terrible movie villain can be made less intimidating and even comical with the assistance of a Red Nose. Enjoy.

Voldemort 560x280
Magneto 560x280
No Country 560x280
Darth Vader 560x280
OddJob 560x280
Chucky 560x280
Shining 560x280
Terminator 560x280
Loki 560x280
Joker 560x280
Longshanks 560x280
Pennywise 560x280
Wicked Wtich 560x280
Dr Evil 560x280
Butcher 560x280
Trump 1 560x280