Finally! A Black Disney Princess!

I’ve been waiting for this moment more anxiously than I was waiting for a half-black guy to take the presidency. Disney finally will be introducing a black (not half black) princess – Tiana – in the new 2-D animated film The Princess and the Frog. (However, it should be noted that she is NOT the first of African decent – that honor goes to Nala from The Lion King.) Frog will be an American fairy tale, Broadway-style musical set in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Woot!

Now, since we’re keeping count (and counting only human cartoons, not Nala), let’s add Tiana to the list…

  • Whitey (5): Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle
  • Native American (1): Pocahontas
  • Middle Eastern (1): Jasmine
  • Far Eastern (1): Mulan
  • Black (1): Tiana

Next up, another white: Rapunzel.

Now, in typical Gunaxin fashion, we make a wish list of who’s next:

  • Jew: Esther, in the Disney version of Purim.
  • Mayan: Princess Ambergris, in the Disney film Maya.
  • Homosexual: Princess… (jeez, how many lame jokes can I make here)

Let’s see how long it takes before someone draws a picture of an evil Tiana to go along with the other twisted Disney princesses. Also, I may have to make room for this sista on the hottest cartoon list.

princess and the frog tiana by nippy13 795x1024