Finally, Firefighting is Sexy for Men, As Well

For a long, long time, the only people who found the sexy in firefighting were lonely women and gay men who could stare longingly at calendars sold for charity. Where, we asked, was the material for the lonely men and the lesbians? I mean, give them credit for having the bisexuals covered, but still. Thankfully, Australia has answered the call and have turned their firefightin’ women into Girls Gone Wild.

firefighter calendar

Not this, but well take what we can get.

Despite what you think, this was actually a coincidence, unless somebody in the clothing invoicing department is a pervert on an epic scale.  Until recently, the Australian services had navy blue T-shirts, but were reissued new bright yellow t-shirts, which justified being ass-ugly by reflecting heat better and being more visible.


Why was our design rejected? Sequins reflect heat, right?

Unfortunately, nobody thought to check what these T-shirts look like when they were wet, which kind of raises the question of just what the guy buying the clothes thinks fire-fighters do, exactly.

“You can get quite wet on the fire ground, you always get wet from leaking hoses”

And after a quick soaking, sadly instead of giggling and talking about getting out of their wet clothes, the fine ladies of the fire departments instead started a Facebook petition, to make sure the sexual harrassment and ogling were intentional.

“It is demeaning there is no thought for women volunteers and what may happen if the shirts get wet. It shows a lack of respect for what women do in the RFS,” Ms Pavey said.

Ladies, we’ll be happy to sign it.  But we want to see some pictures of the problem, just to stay abreast of how bad it is.