First Half of the NBA Season… What Did You Learn?

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As we head into the All-Star break, let’s take a quick look back at what we learned so far this NBA season before the final stretch of games kick off…

Carmelo Anthony is an Asshole

Melo Upset

Good things come to those... nevermind.

A talented asshole…but still an asshole. The story of Anthony and his “handlers” preference for where he will play basketball in the coming years has messed up Denver’s season, the Knicks season, the Nets season (well maybe not them, they just suck anyway), and all of our daily sports reading. Hey I won’t lie, I want Anthony on the Knicks, as soon as possible but the daily back and forth of his mind changing, his wife’s mind changing, and the over analysis of his post-game interviews has been mind numbing.

Miami isn’t Beating Boston in the Playoffs

The Heat are going to rack up their 60 wins but don’t buy for a second that their 0-3 record against the Celtics doesn’t mean anything, especially considering how banged up and off the Celtics were in their previous meeting. They could get lucky and avoid Boston on their route to the NBA Finals, but if not, they aren’t physical enough and lack the chemistry to knock off the Celtics in a seven-game series. I wonder if LeBron will quit again if he gets another shot at them.

San Antonio Gets It


On point.

How much credit do Greg Popovich and his veterans get for re-inventing their team on the fly and playing the best basketball of any team in the league? The answer is not enough. 46-9 is impressive as hell, considering the conference they play in and how Tim Duncan’s role on the team is quietly fading.

Eastern Mediocrity

Magic 560x393

Good for a joke but not much else.

Reaching a .500 record still doesn’t remain a prerequisite for making the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. There is a good chance three of the playoff teams could fall below the 41 win mark and still take part in post-season basketball. It makes me a little a nauseous that the Detroit Pistons and their 20-36 record are only 5 games out of the number eight spot. Beyond that, we know one of the “quality” teams in the East, Atlanta, is headed on a path to be destroyed in the second round of the playoffs, just like they were the previous two seasons.

Out of Pity

We all knew Cleveland was going to be bad after LeBron left but 9-46 bad? Losing a 112-57 bad? Give me a break, even Toronto and Washington have 15 wins.

Knicks Need ‘Melo

Yes… that asshole I mentioned before. Can we stop kidding ourselves into thinking Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, and even our beloved Landry Fields are reasons to avoid trading for Carmelo Anthony? This is a franchise that has been putrid the past decade and finally has a chance to truly make themselves relevant again, pull the trigger Donnie Walsh.

Blake Griffin is Kind of Athletic

It is about time the dunk contest will be entertaining again. I couldn’t stomach another win for Nate Robinson.