Fischer Blonde Ale

Fischer Blonde Ale

Brassiere Fischer, Schiltigheim France

fischer beer 660 ml 133x300

Unfortunately, this time, I could find nothing significant enough to use as a bit of background info. There really seems to be nothing more than a bunch of little reviews with no real substance, and even the link I provided really gives nothing in the way of any kind of history. Oh well, I guess you’re just gonna have to read on and see for yourself.

First off, this is the first beer I’ve had in a while with a traditional cork-and-strap top with the little metal release. It’s a really nice bottle, if that matters to anyone, and I could see using it for something else. Anyway, it’s a very light, almost Pilsner-style beer with its light golden hue, but the smell and sip is very much more akin to a Grolsch-style brew. The head is heavy and frothy for a bit, before it wilts into a fine, white ring. It smells very crisp and fruity, just like a Grolsch ought to, really.

The flavor is nicely clean, and remarkably similar to a white wine, maybe a Zin. This is very nice, but it is a little on the ‘is-there-anything-else-?’ side… meaning, I suppose it’s a tad boring with little flair other than its resemblance to a green apple or maybe a white grape, thereby giving it it’s wine-like style. It finishes very nicely (much akin to a Pilsner), but it does leave a lingering throaty bitterness that pushes it more into its more related Grolsch family. However, all that aside, there really isn’t much else to say about it, flavor-wise. Just a bit on the lackluster side of the equation. Pairing it with food, I’d say grilled fare would suit nicely, and maybe even stick to a European meal like brats or a nice leg of lamb. Just don’t expect too much.

Rating: * * *
Unfortunately, nothing to write home about. If you want something similar and better, stick with Grolsch itself.