Five Absolutely Horrifying Internet Communities

banner3We’re all well aware that the Internet can be a scary place. Ideally, you’d just spend all of your time online within the safe, cozy and sensual confines of Gunaxin, but we know that sooner or later you’re going to venture out into the wider Internet and stumble across a site where users exchange videos of girls pooping on each other (it happened to us). By Internet standards that probably wouldn’t even faze most of you, but unfortunately there’s much worse out there.

See, one thing we find fascinating about the Internet is that it’s given some very, very strange people a place to mingle on a scale they’ve never really had before. Sort of like that dark, creepy hallway at your old high school, except times a million. On that note, we’ve assembled a list of some communities that you probably want to avoid, unless you’re looking to feel depressed, disturbed, or some terrible combination of the two.

5) Fantasy Feeder

Gunaxin’s unofficial motto may be “no fat chicks,” but we’re mature enough to recognize that obesity is a serious issue. There’s more to overcoming a weight problem than swapping out your daily Big Mac for a salad, and we applaud anyone who manages to successfully slim down. Conversely, we’re disturbed by anyone who would actively encourage obesity, and that’s exactly what Fantasy Feeder is all about.

A “fat positive” community, Fantasy Feeder isn’t just for overweight people to convince each other that they look fine the way they are; most of its users have dreams of gaining additional weight, or of helping a significant other do so. That leads to fascinating topics of discussion, like how to stop your doctor from pestering you to lose weight (because your crippling health problems must have some other source), as well as how to dismiss the concerns of your friends and family (if they suggest you’re eating too much it means they don’t love you).

doritos 300x268

Members also exchange recipes based on Doritos.

There’s even a specific board for users to discuss the times they ate so much in one sitting that they became too full to move: it includes both heart-warming clogging stories about taking down three large pizzas at once, and tips on how to stop your poor body from rebelling against the atrocities that it suffers through. For example: when you start sweating while you eat, splash some cold water on your face in-between fistfuls of fried chicken!

Fantasy Feeder also offers a dating service, plus a video and photo gallery. But because we love you, we won’t show you any pictures; we’ll use an abstract representation instead.

black hole 300x240

An artist’s rendition of a typical Fantasy Feeder member.

4) Beast Forum

Based on the name, Beast Forum sounds like a place where people who enjoy pretending to be animals hang out. A community of furries, except maybe a little more professional. Like, they imagine themselves as animals, but they don’t dress up in costumes and have sex or anything…

bf3 560x432

Oh, shit.

OK, so, this is a forum for people who have sex with animals. You know, that thing that’s illegal everywhere in the United States except Alabama? Well now zoophiles can discuss it with their peers without the need to drive all the way to Mobile.

But hey, this is probably just some creepy little corner of the Internet that only like, half a dozen people visit, right? Right?

bf1 560x350

Oh, shit!

Well, it has at least 1000 visitors at any random moment. That’s more than the average forum out there. A lot more. It even advertises itself as “The Worlds [sic] Largest Bestiality Board,” because apparently that’s both a competitive title and something to be proud of. On that note, it’s the size and scope of this place that really terrifies us; it’s no surprise there’s an Internet community dedicated to lusting after animals, but they’re pretty damn open and upfront about it.

They have a technical forum where questions like “How do I make a post in italics?” and “What’s the best way to stick my dick in a goat?” are answered, you can browse through a disturbingly large amount of homemade photos and videos, or you can just peruse a catalog of camel vaginas. If you’re feeling a little more creative then you can post your artwork or erotic stories; just make sure there’s nothing involving underage characters, because Beast Forum likes to keep it classy.

3) Cute Dead Guys

Say what you will about Beast Forum, but at least the animals being romanced are living (hopefully). That’s more than can be said for the targets of affection at Cute Dead Guys, where men are considered sexier if they’re ready to go six feet under. Thankfully, this place isn’t nearly as large (only about 25 active visitors at any given time), but when the topic of discussion is a desire to bone dead dudes that’s 25 too many.

cdg2 300x225

Another number that’s too many? One.

The most popular board is used to exchange pictures of murdered men, traffic accident victims, and basically any sexy boy that took a one way trip to the morgue. There are videos as well, of course, because what says erotic better than a hot guy undergoing an autopsy?

If you’re not that hardcore you can just exchange images and clips of corpses from pop culture. Did you know that CSI episodes are basically porn to some people?

cdg1 560x315

Bom chick a wah wah.

There’s also artwork and fiction, but the creepiest topic, by far, is a discussion where users talk about how they like to picture complete strangers they encounter as fresh, sexy corpses. Now, fantasy is all well and good, but some of these people sound like they’re only a step away from going all Jeffery Dahmer on us. So if you happen to see a news headline a few weeks from now that reads “Incredibly Attractive Internet Comedy Writer Missing, Presumed Dead,” well, now you know where to look.

2) Daily Diapers

Daily Diapers sounds like some sort of scatological newspaper, and, well, that’s actually not very far off. See, while most of us were happy to get out of diapers, these folk miss the good old days where they didn’t have to take those tedious trips to the bathroom. OK, there’s probably more to it than that, but we’re too grossed out to get the details.

There are over 11,000 photos on the site, plus a few dozen videos and a couple of hundred stories (spoiler alert: diapers get soiled in all of them). There are also several hundred product reviews, which are helpful because we’re not even sure where to start when it comes to products that let us piss ourselves.

dd 224x300

Genuinely into this, or just trying to pay off her student loans? We’ll never know.

There’s also a live chat, a dating service, and, of course, forums. Fairly active forums too, with an average of about 150 people browsing them. Incidentally, if we take a very unscientific approach to that number, we can conclude that boning animals is roughly six and a half times more popular than wearing adult diapers. We’re not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but either way let’s hope that very few people combine the pursuits.

Anyway, the forums feature a wide range of users; some just like to strap on a giant diaper now and then, but others take it further with baby bottles, pacifiers, stuffed animals and a complete lack of self-respect. Other prefer to be the “mothers” or “fathers” of overgrown infants, because that way they can combine the thrill of changing diapers with the joy of raising a man-child that refuses to get a job and move out.

Well, at least they’re using diapers because they find them erotic, not because they’re more convenient than interrupting an eight hour World of Warcraft session with a bathroom break. Plus, everything is consensual and physically healthy, which actually makes Daily Diapers the least messed up community on this list. And that’s the most horrifying part.

dd2 300x225

Relatively normal.

1) Shokushu High School

If Hollywood has taught us anything it’s that if we had the chance to redo high school the experience would be wacky yet fulfilling. And that we should avoid Zac Efron movies. Mostly the latter.

sh2 300x264

Fuck you.

But seriously, if you have regrets about your years at high school, what would you have done differently? Asked out that cute girl from English class? Joined a club? Transferred to an all female school where the students had lesbian sex continuously, assuming they weren’t busy being raped by demons and hideous tentacle monsters?

If you answered yes to the last question, then you need to enrol at Shokushu High, a role-playing forum. If you don’t know what a role-playing forum is, it involves creating a fictional character and then posting as if you are that character. Sort of like Dungeons and Dragons, except even nerdier.

Role-playing forums are nothing new, but most are just full of 12 year olds being silly. Shokushu High, however, takes things to a terrifying new level. First of all, it’s been running for over a decade, which means there are people out there who have spent ten years of their lives pretending to be a nubile schoolgirl, a tentacle creature, or both. And, oh yeah, it’s about schoolgirls getting constantly raped by monsters.


Their motto is “Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body.” No, really.

Seriously, this community is insane. They’re meticulously organised, with about as many rules and regulations as an actual school. And the, uh… scenes the characters get involved in aren’t short, simple events; they take thousands and thousands of words written over several months to complete. These people are very, very dedicated to their promiscuous schoolgirls, and as a result we are very, very scared of them. And yet, despite their years of hard work, most of the members lack any sort of writing talent. Trust us; nothing ruins the passionate eroticism of a hot, demon on schoolgirl orgy faster than a comma splice.