Five Actresses who make Crazy look Sexy

When it comes to playing a psychopath, some girls have got it and some don’t. Here, we pay tribute to five actresses who seem to have been born to play “crazy”, and look pretty good doing it!

Uma Thurman

As The Bride in “Kill Bill” Volumes 1&2, Uma shows us that a crazy woman can kick ass and still be hot.


Making Psycho Look Good:

Sheri Moon Zombie

Sure, Baby Firefly is a knife wielding maniac, but let’s face it… ¬†Could you think of a better final view?

SheriMoonBaby 289x300

Making Psycho Look Good:

Angelina Jolie

Probably as notorious for her warped ways off screen as she is on, Angelina knows how to make schizophrenia sexy in “Girl Interrupted”.

girl interrupted 7 300x277

Making Psycho Look Good:

Juliette Lewis

“Born Bad” Mallory shows her true psychotic colors when she marries Mickey Knox, and Juliette makes you believe every second of it!

20779969 images1540794 9 Juliette Lewis Natural l 202x300

Making Psycho Look Good:

Helena Bonham Carter

Marla Singer is more than a few puppies short of a litter in fight club, and Helena has the natural “crazy chick” look to pull it off.

marla1Making Psycho Look Good: