Five Sweet Cookie Brand Empires

Cookie Brand Feature 560x219Americans love cookies. Most of us can’t seem to get enough of them. When you look at the numbers, people in the United States eat over 2 billion cookies a year. The average person in this country eats 300 cookies a year, which makes it hard to imagine why there is an obesity epidemic. 95% of households in the country eat cookies, which means it is damn near all of us. With all of these cookies being devoured by American cookie monsters, it is no wonder that there are so many huge cookie companies. In honor of National Cookie Day, here is a look at five of the biggest cookie companies in business today.

1) Nabisco

Nabisco CookiesNabisco is the undisputed king of cookies in the United States. In fact, the top three best-selling cookies in the country are all manufactured by Nabisco. These three best-selling and sinfully delicious cookies are Oreo, Chips Ahoy, and Oreo Double Stuff. The fact that two of the top three are Oreo varieties isn’t surprising when you consider how easy it is to sit down and devour a half pack of Oreo cookies before you know it.

2) Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm CookiesIt was incredible how fast the Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farm exploded on the scene in the 90s. They went from being a cookie consumed by mostly affluent people to one of the most popular cookies in America seemingly overnight. Milanos are now actually the fourth highest-selling cookie in the country. Their popularity led Pepperidge Farms to introduce other decadent varieties of cookies like Geneva, Tahiti and Brussels. This is the brand to turn to when you have a hankering for cookies that are decadent to the extreme.

3) Little Debbie

Little Debbie CookiesLittle Debbie is the leading producer of cheap sweets. When you want big cookie treats that are easy on the wallet, it is time to head to the local convenience store to raid the Little Debbie shelves. Their most famous product is their Oatmeal Creme Pie. This American classic has two super sweet oatmeal cookies sandwiching even sweeter cream filling. As well as making these delicious cookie treats, they also satisfy their customers with lots of other sweet snacks like Nutty Bars and Swiss Rolls.

4) Keebler

Keebler CookiesThis is another very popular cookie manufacture who churns out enough cookie varieties to satisfy even the most ravenous sweet tooth. Perhaps their most famous cookie variety is the E.L. Fudge. This fantastic creation is shaped like an elf with chocolate filling inside two shortbread cookies. The Keebler Elves are one of the most famous advertising icons even if they are known to be a little bit scary to some kids. That is particularly true when kids think about how the Keebler Elves are manufacturing cookies that are the same size and shape as they are. It is almost like they are cooking themselves to sell to kids.

5) Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout CookiesThere is no better time of year than when the Girl Scout Cookies go on sale. Whether you are a fan of Thin Mints or Carmel Delites (Samoas), there are no more delicious cookies made by anyone than these awesome snacks. Just remember to make sure that your local troop isn’t selling the varieties that are made with real Girl Scouts. Because that joke never gets old.