Five Great Things About Summer

Summer 2It was a long winter, that looked like it would never end. While it’s still technically Spring, we’re past Memorial Day, and unofficially into Summer.  Let’s face it – the snow and the cold and the gloominess of winter are just things to be endured for a few months until the calendar smiles at us again with beautiful sunshine and warmth. With that in mind, here are five things to be thankful for this Summer, before the dreaded cold of winter returns again.

# 5 Dressing for Comfort

ComfortAll that bundling up to stave off frostbite to the extremities can now be peeled off and discarded. No boots, no hats, no scarves – just t-shirts and shorts, and if you’re feeling a surge of fashion sense, you can throw in some deck shoes. If not, forget the t-shirt.

# 4 Golf

GolfYou’re in a lush, natural setting, you’re in company with friends you really like, and you’re getting some great exercise to boot. Not a golfer? Here’s an alternative that’s practically the same thing – head to the natural setting of the living room, with no one else in the house, exercise your feet up to a comfortable ottoman, and turn on the baseball game.

# 3 Outdoor Concerts

ConcertAfter being cooped up all winter, you want to get outside and make some noise. What better way to do that than cheering for the twelve rock bands at the all-day festival nearby? And if you didn’t buy the program, at least you can have a reminder of the experience when your ears keep ringing a week later.

# 2 Backyard Barbecues

BBQWhat goes better with summer than relaxing in a lawn chair with a six-pack of your favorite brew and cooking some steaks with friends or family? If the family happens to be gone and friends are nowhere to be found – no problem! Your grill still works with single steaks. And if you’re not all that hungry? No problem – get a second six-pack!

# 1 Dressing for Comfort

BeachYes, I know – this was # 5. You aren’t the only one who can dress down now that the weather is warmer. When girls dress down, we suddenly have a # 1 issue on our hands. This is what you’ve been waiting for – the goods have now been un-packaged, the heat is encouraging more un-packaging, and the real beauty of summer is bursting out all over. Winter is a distant memory, life is good again.