Five Great Food Ideas for a Casino Party

Party 560x280Remember LAN parties? Well now, instead of hosting LAN parties, people are having their very own online casino parties, where everyone brings their own computers and they all play online casino games throughout the evening, keeping a leaderboard to see who is winning the most! is your one-stop top online casino to use for this type of party. Casino LaVida is an online luxury casino that offers you the best in micro gaming casino games, with more than 700 games on offer. In addition, they are also giving new players $750 free to play with, when they register and open an account at Casino LaVida. If you are thinking about hosting your own casino party, here are some great themed food ideas to make sure your guests are well-fed.

Dice Jello Shots

Jello Dice 560x280When it comes to choosing alcohol, make it fun! Dice Jello Shots definitely fit the bill! Use silicon molds to make the cubes and some simple frosting to make the dots on the sides.

Card Wine Glass Tags

Glass 560x280The one thing that annoys guests at any event is not being able to keep track of their drink! Wine glass tags usually solve this issue quite nicely. Buy a cheap deck of cards and punch a circular hole in each card, alongside an incision into the circular hole so that the cards can slip onto the stem of the wine glass, to make these great card wine glass tags. This is a really fun and useful décor idea that will ensure you never lose your drink!

Shrimp Galore

Shrimp 560x280Nothing says ‘casino’ like shrimp does! The easiest shrimp dish to do for an event like this is individual shrimp cocktails in small glasses. This will be an easy snack for people to grab in between games, and its already pre-portioned so you will not need to worry about people dishing up more than they will actually eat!

Punny Labels

Tags 560x280Everyone loves a good pun, right? Think of some clever casino and games related puns that can be used for some dishes. How about a ‘Caesars Palace Salad’? Or a ‘Turkey Roulette Roll Up Wrap’? Too cheesy for your taste? Feel free to leave this one out!

Slot Machine Cupcakes

Slots 560x280These might take a bit of technical finesse, so enlist help from a pro-baker mate if you need to. Bake a bunch of cupcakes (even use a box mix to cheat a little, if you want!), and then set them up in lines on a tray to mimic a slot machine’s reels. Use classic symbols like cherries and numbers on each cupcake

Everything Red and Black

1ec29f626058aff664f07ec2cda3e150 560x560In terms of a color scheme, keep it classic and classy with red and black –something that is easy and will scream casino to all your guests. Buy red and black napkins, paper plates and plastic cutlery. Use strawberries and blackberries to make some fun and healthy fruit skewers for your friends to enjoy while taking a break from the games.