Five Amazing Gadgets of the Near Future

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Every guy out there needs some cool gadgets, so you should be prepared to get some of the new tech toys that will be coming out in the near future. The first step to getting these gadgets is to learn what they are, and then you can move forward from there. Luckily, we are here to provide you with a list of five gadgets that you can expect to see in the near future, so that you can be the first to get your hands on these awesome devices.

1) Google Glasses

google glasses

Google has been a major contributor to the Internet, so it comes as no surprise that they want to branch out and create a gadget that can be used in the real world. These glasses will be able to put a screen right in front of your eyes that allows you to do many things that a cell phone could. It has 4G technology, can take photos, and has a Bluetooth connection. We will have to wait for them to fix a few bugs, but these are definitely something to look forward to.

2) Smart Skin Phones

Samsung has been largely seen as a company which has copied from Apple rather than innovating their own phones. However maybe that will change when they release their newest invention. They actually have a patent in for "Smart Skin Phones." These are phones that are able to take any image, and display it as the cover of the cell phone. Here is a graphic from the patent filing which helps explain the idea :

Samsung device skin Concept e1348601757127 560x599

3) Xbox 720

Every guy has to have some form of gaming system, and the Xbox 720 is the gaming system that you can expect to see everywhere in the near future. There are many rumors that are going around about this device, and some have even been confirmed. All the games for this system will be completely downloadable, allowing you to get all of your favorite games from home. Also, the graphics are going to be on the same level as the movie Avatar, so we can expect some awesome game-play on this system.

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4) Basis Band

Health is an important factor in any guy's life, so wouldn't it be nice to just have a device that could tell you if you were healthy or not? The basis band will be as close as it gets, as this watch-like device will be able to tell you your heartbeat, sleeping patterns, calories burned, and much more! This will definitely be an incredible device which hopefully can help us avoid the doctor's office.

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5) Bendy Screen Smartphones

Samsung actually has two devices on this list to help them land new customers, so they have been a very busy company. They will be offering a bendy screen smartphone that will be able to bend forward and backwards, and twist like a piece of taffy. While this may not be the most necessary thing for a phone to be able to do, it has been shown to increase their durability as well. The flexibility makes it so that you can drop this phone without harming it, or even hit it with a hammer without leaving even the slightest dent!

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