Five Great River Cruise Lines

Viking River 560x280Have you ever thought about taking a river cruise? You may ask what a river cruise has to offer rather than an ocean cruise? Besides the obvious low-cost, you will get a more intimate and genuine atmosphere. However, before taking a river cruise it is important that you obtain the knowledge needed in order to get the best deal. Many river cruises go on sale at certain times of the year so be sure to ask the sales agent. As they say the early bird catches the worm. Many river cruise lines are now offering accommodations and activities that are found on most ocean cruises. Culture and ambience is exactly what you will get from a river cruise.

On some river cruise lines you can actually travel up to four countries in a week. The cabins are going to be smaller in size compared to an ocean cruise however, but you can get a state of the art room. The river cruises push for more of an intimate setting. The dress code on a river cruise is going to be a lot more laid back. The number one concern for many when upon the ocean waters is the motion sickness. On a river cruise you don’t have to worry about motion sickness as they clearly float along much smoother waters.

Below we will highlight five of our favorite river cruise lines…

1) Viking River Cruises

Viking River 2 560x280Established in 1997, Vikings River Cruises are probably the most well-known river cruise line, and they offer some of the best scenic routes known to man. In 2015 they added ocean cruising and renamed the company to simply Viking Cruises. They currently operate a fleet of more than 60 ships, primarily operating in Europe. They have a route to match every cruiser’s desire. The “Viking Longships” hold 98 passengers and offer an experience unlike any other river cruise line. On this cruise line you will experience the influence of a Scandinavian theme decorated on the cruise ships. So if you are looking to travel throughout Europe, book a river cruise with Viking River Cruise.

2) AmaWaterways

AMA 560x280

Here you have it men the ultimate cruise line that not only offers beer tastings, but an assigned beer expert with tons of discussions, and tours of historic breweries on board. These unique features you will be excited to find along the Amaprima. So if you ever thought about sailing on Dutch, Belgian, or Danube rivers then book a cruise with AMA waterways cruise lines. What you will get with the AMA waterways cruise lines is historic breweries and a 148 passenger boat that will indeed make cruising down these waterways worth your time and money. Founded in 2002, AmaWaterways now has a fleet of 21 ships sailing in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

3) Pandaw River Cruises

Pandaw 560x280The Pandaw cruise line is one of the best kept secrets in travel, offering their services in Asia. Listen up men if you’re truly looking for a cruise line that has the most intimate vibes on the waterways, then the Pandaw cruise line is going to be your best choice. The RV Kalay Pandaw is our preferred boat when traveling, and for some, a well-kept secret while sailing along the Chindwin River. With the Voyage of Nagaland you will experience the Buddha Lotus Garden of Homalin. So if you are looking to book a river cruise in Asia, you will want to check out Pandaw. This river cruise will indeed offer you sights in which you have never seen before and can be quite memorable.

4) UnCruise Adventures

Uncruise 560x280As the name might suggest, UnCruise is a completely different type of cruise company, and they offer river cruising on the western hemisphere. For men who are into adventure, history, and culture, the UnCruise Adventures River Cruises may be your best pick. If you are looking for an unforgettable wine experience, then we highly recommend booking with UnCruise Adventures. The S.S. Legacy boat is truly for those wine connoisseurs. You will get the history of wine aboard this wonderful cruise line with your very own wine expert to help you along the way. The S.S. Legacy can hold up to 88 guests while it sails down the Columbia River.

5) Avalon Waterways River Cruises

Avalon 560x280If you’re looking for a luxury experience on-board a luxurious boat then you have to experience the Avalon Waterways cruise lines. Although prices can be a tad bit pricier you definitely will not regret this stylish ship. Avalon launched in 2004 and now has 18 ships, sailing in Europe, Asia, and South America. Aboard the Avalon Siem Reap suite ship you will experience a completely upgraded ship with a state of the art feel. What you will get is open air balconies, floor to ceiling windows, wifi, etc. If you’re looking for a European tiver cruise you must try Avalon Waterways cruise lines. You will feel right at home as you travel along European rivers with this cruise line.