Five Great Travel Destinations

Thailand SeaAre you trying to decide on the next place that you want to go vacationing? Well, lucky for you, the world is gigantic, so you have a lot of different options when it comes to many amazing travel destinations. Why not have a little fun this year? These are five places to visit that you can be guaranteed to have a good time. Each has their own unique attractions, and once in a lifetime experiences. Where you go is up to you.

1) The Bahamas

BahamasArgh you ready for a good time? The great thing about the Bahamas is that you can get in on some pirate history. The Bahamas is one of the places where the famous pirate Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard would often go in order to do his pirating. Aside from the interesting pirate history, you also have Harbour Island Eleuthera and Cat Island, which are well-known and even famous for their pink sand beaches. Another one of the outstanding things about the Bahamas is the beautiful year-round weather and being the home to the third world’s largest barrier reef. The Andros barrier reef is also the sixth longest.

Argos Reef

2) Thailand

ThailandWho wouldn’t want to travel somewhere where the prices are outstandingly cheap? Your money will go a lot further in Thailand. If you go, you should check out a Sepak Takraw match. You will essentially see ninjas playing a game that is a mix between soccer and volleyball. They do backflips all the while kicking the ball over the net at the other team. Another great thing to see in Thailand would be a snake-charming show. You can learn a lot about snakes, all the while, being highly entertained at the show.

Thailand Sport

3) Scotland

ScotlandWell, to start with, this location has a lochness monster living in one of their lakes. It doesn’t get more extreme than that. Also, you have mind-blowing castles like Edinburgh Castle, Inveraray Castle, Glamis Castle and Balmoral Castle. Not to mention, the historic fields of battles that took place in Scotland. This is the country where the Braveheart movie came from! Lonely Planet Magazine even went so far as to name Scotland as the third best place to visit. If you love shopping for unique and interesting things, then Glasglow is definitely the place to go.


4) Spain

TomatinaSpain is a great place to go for a party. They have year-round festivals. One of those festivals being the world’s largest food fight. Bring your best tomatoes to La Tomatina festival, and also, don’t forget to practice your aim. After the food fight is over, everyone goes to the bars to further the wild time. If Tomatina isn’t your thing, maybe running with the bulls in Pamplona is more your speed? The beaches as well as the building architecture and history is what makes this place great.


5) Brazil

RioBrazil is another great party destination, with some of the most beautiful beaches and most beautiful women that you will ever see. Also, they have the best carnival in the world, in Rio De Janeiro. Rio was recently the center of the sports word when it hosted the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. So if you’ve been thinking about a visit, there are plenty of reasons. Just avoid the water.

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