Five Great TV Scenes About Weed

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People get high on TV a lot. Seriously, they get high all the freaking time. There are shows specifically dedicated to marijuana, like, you know, Weeds. The characters on The Wire smoke pot and do all other kinds of drugs, too. We’re not sure a single episode of That 70’s Show was ever made that didn’t involve one scene in which at least one character was high. Of course, there are some other shows that weren’t about drugs that have had some truly memorable scenes about weed, and these are some of our favorites.

Martin Crane Gets Stoned

Frasier probably isn't the first show you'd think of when you're talking about characters getting high, but in one of the later seasons that's exactly what happens when Niles gets a pot brownie to show Daphne he can be a bad boy, but naturally shenanigans abound when Martin mistakes it for a regular brownie, downs the whole thing, and, well, below is the hilarious result. And for the record, he's got a point. We should all get to be a giant for a day.

Homer Blazes with Otto

Unlike a show like Frasier, you'd fully expect The Simpsons to have an episode or two wherein weed is prominently featured. After all, one of the most popular fringe characters, Otto Mann, is a freaking stoner school bus driver. Naturally, when you have a stoner character on the same show as Homer Simpson, you've got to take advantage, and The Simpsons did, to glorious results.

The Conners Light Up a Doobie

You always knew that Dan and Roseanne Conner were stoners when they were younger. They grew up in the 60's and 70's, they were high school slackers and, come on, can you imagine Roseanne or John Goodman not having blazed once or twice in real life? John Goodman is a good friend of Dan Aykroyd, for God's sake.  Anyway, one of the most memorable scenes in this show's long run was when the Conner parents have the house to themselves after confiscating a bag of weed from David. These are the results.

Family Guy Knows What’s Up

Speaking of a bag of weed, of course Brian Griffin wants to legalize weed. Of course, as Stewie points out, you get your point across a lot better with a little showmanship.

Greg Brady is Really High (No, Really)

Now this one is a little different, but every bit as hilarious as the others we've already mentioned. No, Greg Brady did not actually smoke pot on the show. This is the freaking Brady Bunch we're talking about, after all. What makes this scene so spectacular is the fact that, while Greg Brady wasn't high, Barry Williams was stoned off of his ass. Yes, the actor playing Greg admitted in a biography that he was absolutely lit when he shot this scene. It should take you about five seconds to figure that out for yourselves when you watch this scene.