Six Killer Gadgets for a Night of Drinking

Drinking Gadgets 560x313There are some really awesome gadgets on the market that you may want to think about having on hand when drinking with your friends or frat brothers. The following gadgets are functional as well as fun. So, the next party you throw or attend, you have bring along a few of these :

1) Logitech Washable Keyboard

Lotitech Washable KeyboardThe Logitech Washable Keyboard comes in handy if you are enjoying a drunken good time watching some hot chicks, football’s hardest hits, or some dumb criminals in action on YouTube. This keyboard can withstand anything from a light scrubbing to a good soaking rinse. The keyboard has drainage holes to aid in cleaning and drying too. So, no worrying about beers being spilled and ruining the keyboard or dips dropping on it either, it can take it.

2) iPong Original

iPongThe next gadget will help you take your beer pong to the next level. The iPong Original is an affordable option that will play with you tirelessly and is easily adjustable for topspin, backspin, or heavy topspin options. The iPong Original is easy to assemble with no tools or equipment needed. Just fill it with balls and let the competition begin.

3) T90 Bluetooth Headset

T90 BluetoothThis gadget shows you that there is really nothing better than getting drunk, playing some online games, and arguing with some ten-year-olds while they kick your ass! The T90 Bluetooth Headset for FPS Games is an army style headset that allows you to play online using PS3, PC, or cellphones. It is extremely affordable and offers excellent comfort and audio quality. It is also sweat, water, and of course beer resistant too.

4) BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

BacTrackThe Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester is a must have at any party, and the portable BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is handy when you go out to the bar too. This little gadget can aid you and your friends in winning the Drunkest Man contest or let you know if you and/or your friends are able to safely drive home. The display will show your BAC and g/l along with the time. Wouldn’t you rather test your own consumption before the police do it for you?

5) iBottleopener

iBottleOpenerFinally, forget about hunting for who has the bottle opener. The iBottleopener for the iPhone 4 is the world’s first iPhone case with its own built in bottle opener! This is a fun and functional option and will have you covered if you need a bottle opener for your beer.

6) Backward Clock

Backwards ClockReally mess with you buddies with the Backwards Clock. The clock runs backwards and the numbers are also in reverse. You can really mess with their heads if you switch out the regular clock with this one. What is better than a hard laugh at your friends’ expense?

So, don’t forget these gadgets for you and your friends to enhance your next get together experience. They can also make your next bbq, bachelor party, or any other reason to hang out with your buddies a real blast!