Five of the Geekiest Proposals



What’s geekier than coding and video games? Proposing via coding a video game.

Bernie Peng spent an entire month making his own version of his girlfriend’s favorite DS game, “Bejeweled”. When his girlfriend reaches a certain score, a shiny purple diamond ring drops down from the screen.

1 bejeweled 300x200

His blog, detailing the proposal received over 100,000 hits and major press coverage. Instead of being pissed that Peng hacked their game, PopCap, the creators of Bejeweled, released this official statement: “Most video games would frown on people manipulating their games, but it won him a woman. As a bunch of geeks we have to say, ‘Bernie, hats off to you.’”

PopCap gave 200 copies of “Bejewled 2 Deluxe” to all wedding guests, gave the happy couple $1,000 for diamond-themed decorations, as well as a free honey moon to Seattle.

Moral of the story? Hacking is good.

2 ring 300x199

We’re a little turned on, and we’re not going to lie: Bernie can play with our family bejewels any time.


Magic: The Gathering

In 1993, Magic: The Gathering designer Richard Garfield (who is often credited as the father of collectible card games) proposed to his girlfriend through a Magic card. You’re probably wondering what kind of stud would be able to marry through a Magic card.

3 garfield 209x300

This guy.

Garfield fashioned a Magic Card he called “Proposal”, which “Allows Richard to propose to Lily. If the proposal is accepted both players win; mix the cards in play, both libraries and graveyards as a shared deck.” Which is some god-awful dirty talk.

4 proposal 215x300

Garfield designed the card with a very high 4 mana cost, and legend has it that it took Garfield four games before he could finally play the card.

The success of their marriage can be told through further Magic Cards: Splendid Genesis and Fraternal Exaltation; made in 1997 and 1999 to celebrate the birth of their two children. Who probably got their asses kicked every day at school.


Penny Arcade

A comic by itself is pretty geeky. A comic on the Internet is even more so—and, well, a comic on the Internet about video games is like the kid nerds laugh at when they want to feel superior.

Unless, of course, you run Penny Arcade. With almost 3 million views a day, artist Mike Krahulik decided to have a 1997 strip act as his proposal.

5 penny 300x263

Funnily, for a comic artist, the strip was almost all words, detailing how the two met (through Star Wars. Which almost makes us forgive George Lucas for Clone Wars).


Super Mario

Possibly 1-upping the Bejeweled guy, the man known only by his YouTube alias of BradSmith182 proposed to his girlfriend, Lisa through a Mario game.

Using a level-editing program called Lunar Magic, Brad decided to propose on the couple’s 5th anniversary.

For all the cynics who scream, “Staged!”, Brad offers this explanation in the description as to Lisa’s lack of surprise: “keep in mind that we’ve been going out for 5 years so it was kind of expected that i pop the question.” The full video can be viewed here, where we see Lisa with some emotion.

We especially like how Lisa went back to finish the level after her engagement. You  married the dreamgirl, BradSmith182, and we salute you for it.



6 google

Perhaps the most famous internet proposal, Michael Weiss-Malik, a Google employee decided to re-propose to his girlfriend, Leslie via Google Street View.

His first proposal was “quiet and low-key”, and he wanted something with some extra oomph! Like any geek would, he named his second effort Proposal 2.0.

While Mike didn’t work for the Street View team, he did for Google; so he knew when the Street View van—the vehicle that recorded street-level images for Google Maps—would drive.

So Mike made his sign, and waited for the van to come around, photograph him, and put his proposal on Google Maps.

But here’s the catch: Mike decided not to tell his girlfriend. He hoped that netizens would spread the word, and Leslie would find it herself. With 1000s of e-mails, news coverage and 15,000 diggs, the site spread like wildfire.

When faced with Google, it’s difficult not to say yes, and Leslie and Mike have been happily for 2 years now.