Five Quick-Hit Videos to Help Waste the Day

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They work hard so we can avoid doing the same.

I’m up late, not sure when the hell I passed out last night (trying to watch the Clippers, Blake Griffin went out for a rest, and I awoke to infomercials and keyboard imprints on my eight-head), and I don’t want to leave you without something to digest today.

So… here are my five favorite YouTube clips from the week thus far.

The folks in New York were excited to acquire Carmelo Anthony. As it turns out… they should have been excited by Mr. Big Shot.

Matt Clapp from Sharapova’s Thigh put this forth with the disclaimer, “The most badass video you’ll see today.” Have to admit… it’s pretty sweet.

Matt also shared this with those of us who join him in adoration of the Chicago Bulls… it’s my personal fav of the week, but I’m biased.

Posted by our good friend and former Gunaxin deviant Scott Lewis at TheScore, NHL referee Dan O’Halloran gives a clinic on personal protection without the use of firearms.

This is outrageously funny… stolen from the master of sports promotion and blogosphere meta love, Hugging Harold Reynolds.

It only seems right to close it out with a bit of violence… the best hits from the last week of NHL action.

And that’s that. Well… unless you would list THIS as “sports”…

or this…

… at the very least, we want to give Dan credit. He roped Charlie in first, god bless him. Granted, we didn’t get the tiger blood quote here… we didn’t get the “I crush 7-gram rocks of coke because that’s how I roll” quote here… we didn’t get “winner” here… but Dan, he’s a winner.

Thanks for stopping in… and look for something more substantial (well… as “substantial” as we get) tomorrow.