Five Stand-Up Comedians You Need To Be Following on Twitter


Twitter has emerged as one of the primary channels through which people can instantly share pretty much anything, whether it be an in-depth exposé on corporate scandal or an in-depth description of a bowel movement. It’s safe to say that celebrities and common folk alike have fully embraced the connective power of Twitter.

Comedians, particularly, are making good use of the Web-based stage Twitter offers, and a number of our favorite stand-ups seem quite fond of the cool kids’ social network. Apparently taking advantage of that whole “brevity is the soul of wit” thing, many of today’s best stand-up comedians are using Twitter to dole out little bits of hilariousness and creativity. The following five, arguably, are doing it best.


Mike Birbiglia

birbiglia 75x75 Mike Birbiglia’s tweets are pretty much just like his stand-up: nothing too gimmicky or pretentious, just fundamentally funny stuff that consistently entertains. He currently has around 75,000 followers—a respectable position among stand-ups—yet some of his best tweets are self-deprecating jabs about how no one really knows about him or cares who he is. Follow him before he hits the 100,000 mark and gets all cocky.

Awesome Sample Tweet :

Screen shot 2011 05 24 at 2.20.45 PM


Jim Gaffigan

jim gaffigan 75x75Like Mike Birbiglia, Jim Gaffigan imparts a good deal of his stand-up voice to his tweets—quite literally, in fact, because as you read his tweets you can almost hear his trademark high-pitched whispering voice, along with that “maaaah” sound he makes when he assumes the persona of disgruntled lazy-ass.

Gaffigan does use Twitter to plug his shows, but even his self-promotions are usually funny. And the recent addition of his fourth kid is sure to inspire even more Gaffiganesque Twitter musings.

Awesome Sample Tweet :

Screen shot 2011 05 25 at 9.35.39 AM


Sarah Silverman

silverman2 75x75With more than three times the followers of the second-most-followed on this list (Jim Gaffigan), Sarah Silverman has clearly found success on Twitter. It’s no surprise, as her tweets are usually hilarious, sometimes serious, and always fun to follow. More than 1.7 million people agree.

Silverman’s not afraid to get political, often tweeting her progressive views on issues like sexuality and religion. Don’t worry though; she provides plenty of that hot-raunchy-girl humor that we all love.

Awesome Sample Tweet :

Screen shot 2011 05 25 at 9.48.38 AM


Patton Oswalt

patton2 75x75The not-so-indie-anymore comedian’s comedian is extremely active on Twitter, giving his followers a good blend of humor, intellect, and, perhaps most endearingly, interaction. Oswalt frequently retweets and @mentions others, showing that he really appreciates his fans and colleagues. Whether he’s sharing a picture of some obscure dish he’s trying at a restaurant, or just waxing sarcastic about pop culture, Oswalt always tweets the good stuff.

The best part about following Patton is that you really feel like he’s just a friend rather than a celebrity. His hashtag games, in which he calls on followers to come up with appropriate tweets for a given hashtag, are brilliant.

Awesome Sample Tweet :

Screen shot 2011 05 25 at 12.18.03 PM


Doug Benson

dougbenson 75x75Superstoner Doug Benson has to be number one on this list because, quite simply, his tweets are ridiculously funny. Like Patton Oswalt, Benson makes good use of Twitter by interacting with others and coming up with legendary hashtags, but it’s sheer hilariousness that makes his feed the best among stand-ups, and one of the best on Twitter, period.

Sure, there’s plenty of stoner humor in Benson’s tweets, yet his jokes are punchy and creative, leaving one to wonder how Benson can be so coherently funny when he’s apparently blown out of his mind 24/7. Actually, that’s probably why he’s so funny.

Awesome Sample Tweets :

Screen shot 2011 05 25 at 12.51.15 PM


Screen shot 2011 05 25 at 1.04.49 PM