Five Tips on How to Avoid Becoming a Douchebag

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Do you want to avoid being pegged a douchebag? You should, because no one wants to be the ass in the room everyone tries to avoid.  We are going to go over five tips that are going to help you avoid being labeled the douchebag in the group.

  • If you borrow money from someone, then make sure you pay them back before you run out and buy the latest electronic wizardry.  If you are tight on money, chances are they are too.

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  • Don’t covet your buddy’s girl. Leave her alone and get the idea out of your head that she would be better off with you or you would give it to her much better. If she didn’t choose you in the first place, there must be a reason.

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  • If you are more interested in hooking up, then make sure she is on the same page.  Don’t get into a relationship and definitely don’t get married! There is no bigger dick than the married guy in the group who constantly cheats on his wife.


  • If you think it’s amusing to go around telling the most offensive jokes known to man, and no one else thinks they are funny, then you might be a verbal douchebag.  Two words: shut up! Zip your lips when you feel your sense of humor is getting ready to take control. Chances are this could be the reason no one wants to talk to you.

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  • If you are in the habit of bragging about every conquest you ever had or you are always telling everyone how great you are or how you are better than everyone at your job, then you are a materialistic douchebag. Don’t keep reminding people of what you have done or what you have. Try to find a personality and stop using this to define you. No one likes arrogance or egotistical jerkoffs.

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There you have a few suggestions of how to overcome or avoid being a douchebag. Take them or leave them, but you don’t really want to be known as “That Guy,” do you? Relax and practice being a regular guy, not the conceited ass no one can stand to be around for longer than five minutes.