Is “Flaccoing” the Next Big Thing?

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It seems like it was only days ago that Kaepernicking was the newest craze in football fads, as fans began to imitate the 49er’s QB by kissing their bicep. But, proving that mockery is always the most popular form of imitation, Kaepernicking has quickly been supplanted by Flaccoing. Following a convincing loss to the Denver Broncos, this new craze has quickly swept social media, as fans imitate the Ravens’ QB. The image, captured by CBS cameras, of Joe Flacco lying face down following a 98 yard INT return for a touchdown touched off the trend, and was predicted by The Sporting News.

We aren’t sure if Flaccoing will have the same staying power as Tebowing, but it’s going to be a footnote on Flacco’s career with the Ravens when he becomes a free agent this offseason.

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