Flash Fans : Beer League Hockey

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Typical Crowd at a Rec League Game

So the commercials at the Super Bowl weren’t bad, but none of them invoked an emotional response from me to the level of this gem from Budweiser, which didn’t even air in the United States. It’s probably because I’ve played plenty of beer league hockey in my lifetime, but I think it’s more than the hockey angle. Anyone who has ever paid to play a sport, rather than being paid, will appreciate this. Regardless of sport, this is the dream of anyone who pays to play the game they love.

From the 24/7 vibe at the beginning to the emotional ending, there is much to love about this commercial. For more details, we refer to the Vancouver Sun :

On Dec. 21, Budweiser transformed what was an ordinary rec hockey game into a high-energy spectacle, complete with screaming fans, play-by-play mascots and everything that comes with the game at the elite professional levels.

Unbeknownst to the players of both teams — the Les Amigos and the Toronto Generals, part of a Toronto men’s league that were playing a regularly scheduled game at Port Credit Memorial Arena in Mississauga — the entire evening was filmed

Here is a behind the scenes feature: