Where Football is Born

AkersWe likely all watched the Super Bowl, and many of us even watched hours of coverage and analysis leading up to the game, and after the game. Yet how much time do we really spend thinking about the entire infrastructure that surrounds the game? There are stories beyond the players, coaches, and cheerleaders. What about the officials, security, ushers, and concessionaires? This year we even found out how important the stadium engineers are due to that power outage.

Official Super Bowl Ball

How about the next level of support though, the folks who make the jerseys and equipment? One such company is Wilson Sporting Goods, which manufactures the official football of the NFL in Ohio.

Wilson Ball

They recently produced an awesome series of YouTube videos which really helps you appreciate the people and process behind each one of those game balls :

It really makes you think about all of the people involved along the way, that make it possible for us to enjoy our favorite sports. Maybe leagues, ownership, and the players unions in all sports should watch these videos before they enter into another work stoppage. The game is so much bigger than themselves.