No Football Weekend: What Else Is On?

depressed 560x336For the first time since July of last year, there will be no football to watch this weekend. Millions upon millions of depressed fans will now be forced to do horrific things like random work around the house (BOOOO!) and spend time with their families (NOOOO!). A nightmare come true, I know. But thanks to our entertainment dominated society, there are plenty of quality alternatives to occupy our time between now and Monday morning. They won’t compare to pigskin, but beggars can’t be choosers.


Spartacus: Vengeance (Starz, 10pm) – The third season of blades, blood and boobs is heating up nicely after a so-so first episode. The scheming Ashur returns, and Spartacus’ sweep to the south runs into a bit of trouble. Plus, gruesome kills and nude slave girls. Yay!


(6) Baylor at Missouri (4) (1:30pm, ESPN 3) – This college hoops doozy between a pair of Top 10 teams is a rematch from last month, a thrilling one-point victory for the Tigers. Baylor’s Perry Jones III is a beast inside, while Mizzou’s Marcus Denmon is one of the country’s top three-point snipers. Get your popcorn ready for this one.


Walking Dead Marathon (AMC, 12:30pm) – Catch up on all of season 2 before a brand spanking new installment premieres at 9pm. It might be easier to watch in one sitting, because the pace moves at glacier speed. Nevertheless, stay tuned for near deaths, shocking betrayals and oodles of zombie brains exploding.

Or you could hit the mall and find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your chick. HA, HA, good one, right?