Forget Winning, Charlie Harper is Dying!

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Ahhhh, when a show undoubtedly jumps the shark. First we get news the much maligned Charlie Sheen would be replaced by Ashton Kutcher on the CBS sitcom Two & a Half Men. Now comes word when the troubled show comes back on air this September, good ol’ Charlie Harper is going to be killed off.

How will this be done, you ask? Apparently the storyline is going to be that he drove his car off a cliff. Which is kind of funny when you consider Sheen has had a couple of automobiles fall off a cliff in his lifetime.

This is beyond awful, in my opinion. Personally, I haven’t found the series funny since the end of the fourth season. But the show still pulls in outrageous ratings and I’m sure long-time fans will be shaking their heads quite erratically this fall.

What I have to wonder is why the show is even coming back at all? Is this Chuck LorreĀ  (writer & director) just trying to one up Sheen, who said some pretty distasteful things about him this past year? Is this CBS scared to shut down their top comedy ratings grabber? Is this because Jon Cryer knows he will fall back into obscurity once the series is over? I’m going to go with all of the above. But what I won’t be going with is tuning into CBS this September when Two & a Half Men returns. Even if I had stayed loyal to the series, Ashton Kutcher? Really?

fonzie thumbs down

Yeah, I'm going to go ahead & bet even The Fonz thinks this is silly.