Forgotten Flakes: Sugary Cereals From the Past

Nerds e1325736063203 560x298Long gone are the days when kids could wake up and enjoy a heaping bowl of cereals called “Sugar Coated Candy Puffs” or “Frosted Sweet Crunchies”. Now it’s all about the healthy foods. Mom’s today wouldn’t be caught dead buying the sugar infused cereals that we enjoyed as kids. Everything has to be “All Natural” or  have “No Added Sugar”. Frankly we don’t think these boxes of sticks and berries deserve to be called cereal. Real cereal requires a shot of insulin if you have more than one bowl. This gallery, in honor of National Cereal Day, is full of some of the best cereals that have moved on to the cereal retirement home to make way for the new healthier choices. If you crave more, check out our Tribute to Discontinued Cereals.