Four Fun Gambling Songs

Gambler 560x374Online gambling continues to soar in global popularity. From poker and blackjack too keno and more, there are so many flash slots and traditional games for you to enjoy. As one of the leading online gambling venues and casinos, Free Bets continues to receive stellar reviews and player testimonials. With a full range of games and weekly tournaments, players get free bets no deposit mobile applications that are easy to use and compatible with a range of devices.

Gambling songs also add to the fun and essence of your favorite online games. This can include bingo, along with roulette, baccarat, and much more. Here are some of our favorite fun gambling songs that will always get you in the mood to roll the dice!

The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers is without a doubt the most famous and popular gambling song ever. In classic Rogers’s voice, the Gambler tells the story of a gambler that hits it big in the Old West. He is also a Romeo when it comes to the ladies, and the details of the song really puts you back during those days of dusty boomtowns, tumbleweed, and saloons galore. The song, however, also emphasizes the importance of knowing when enough is enough — that is you “gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” This is a true gambling meets Old Western classic that continues to be enjoyed by millions of fans today.

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

“Poker Face” is one of Lady Gaga’s most popular dance hits. In fact, the song won several awards for creativity, as well as the video about the tracks. Like free bets no deposit mobile apps at Free Bets, this song is sure to get you excited as you head to Atlantic City or Las Vegas. The song is especially perfect to get you in the mood for online gambling and gaming — with chances to truly win it big in any game you love!

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

A true Elvis Presley classic, “Viva Las Vegas” truly captures the allure and essence of Old Las Vegas. With a catchy rock and roll beat, this song covered most of the fun and enjoyment that Vegas continue to offer for thousands of guests and tourists each year. From the exciting casinos and hotels to the bright lights of the strip, there are so many ways to capture this excitement online. In fact, Free Bets is one of if not the best online gambling site for new and existing players. You can also enjoy your favorite gambling songs while playing poker, slots, and so much more!

Queen of Hearts – Juice Newton

Juice Newton dominated the 80s with “Queen of Hearts” — a popular rock and roll and new wave song about gambling. The song also paralleled the risks of getting into new relationships without really knowing the other person. Other popular gambling songs can easily be found on the Internet for your listening and playing pleasure. Simply search on the Web for these great and memorable gambling tracks.