Fresh Football Helmets

Browns 560x289Football Helmet designs are fairly stagnant in both the NFL and the NCAA. While a few teams are experimenting with new things, the majority are stuck with traditional styles that they’ve used for decades. You need look no further than the drastic update the Cleveland Browns made to their logo and helmets last week to see what type of rut these teams are in. So whenever a designer does a great job of bringing desperately needed new ideas to the table for our favorite sports leagues, we’re pleased to share them with you.

Football Helmets 560x152

The work of designer Dylan Young has been creating quite a stir on the internet recently, and you’re about to find out why. Young has created an amazing depth of design ideas in just a short time, and is displaying them on an awesome Instagram account, @FreshFootballHelmets. We’ve selected some of our favorites to feature below, and you can see the designs are for both NFL and NCAA football teams. If you look closer, you may also notice that Deeyung Entertainment has also shown us their ideas for what it would be like if other sports franchises were to play football. Check them out, and follow him on Instagram for the full collection and latest creations…