Friday Movie Trailer Roundup

the hangover2 560x320

With spring and summer approaching fast, the number of trailers released for upcoming flicks is increasing at a fast and furious rate. Unfortunately, my day job as a meth lab engineer consumes most of my spare time, so I’m not able to scoop all these sneak previews when they first hit the web. Hey, meth is a high volume business. Don’t blame me, blame the addicts who just can’t say no. Anyway, if you missed any of this week’s overhyped and/or all too revealing teasers, here you go.

The Hangover: Part II aka One Night In Bangkok

It looks, uh… familiar.

Apollo 18 aka Bad Moon Rising

And I thought the Apollo 13 mission was problematic.

Bad Teacher (Red Band) aka Bitch School

Cameron cursing and kick balls to the face. Has potential.

Paul (Red Band) aka Subterranean Homesick Alien

Seth Rogen voicing a crazy cool extra-terrestrial? I am so there.

Sucker Punch aka Land of Confusion

I still have no idea what the hell this is about, but I dig the song by Silversun Pickups.