Fuller’s London Porter

Fuller’s London Porter

Fuller Smith & Turner PLC, Griffin Brewery, London England

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Information: (Site)London Porter captures the flavors of the original entire brews perfectly, although you won’t find a cloudy pint these days! Smooth, rich, and strong (5.4% alcohol by volume), London Porter is brewed from a blend of Brown, Crystal and Chocolate malts for a creamy delivery balanced by traditional Fuggles hops. Definitely worth a sip if you fancy something stronger and darker than coffee!”

I couldn’t be happier that no matter how often I assume I’ve come close to tasting just about as many of the local Porters and Stouts imported to our shops, I always manage to find something I’ve yet to try. This particular choice I discovered happens to come available in a can -in fact the only way the particular store carries it- and it is a pint. I do have to mention the color of the can (believe it or not) as it’s a really cool Porter-hued dark chocolate color. I like that

The pour is as deep and rich as you’d want from a well-made Porter with a light head that quickly dissipates. The initial nose is full of coffees and mochas and is quite enticing, especially to those who are as big of fans of the darker beers as I am. There is a bit of the hops in the back drop, but just barely there. It is a full-on Porter with nothing to hide.

The taste is very rich. It’s not to awfully carbonated, which is quite nice, and it immediately reminds me of very good coffee. It’s full-bodied, creamy, malty, and totally reminiscent of the Porter genre. Though the hoppy scents were slight, the taste is practically non-existent. There are slight notes of mild fruitiness that really make themselves known in the slick and unctuous mouth-feel, with just a hint of a peppery remainder at the very end. It’s no surprise that England knows how to make a Porter, and this is most definitely one of the very best I’ve had. This time, I’m going out on a limb and just suggesting you drink this with a bowl of big-ass sourdough pretzels. Pub fare, mate!

Rating: * * * *

Delicious. A pure Porter through and through made all the more enticing by its English heritage.