Fun With Banthas

The Bantha is the first big creature we see in the Star Wars universe in Episode IV: A New Hope. It’s a large, fury animal that wanders the Tatooine desert, tamed by Tusken Raiders, aka Sand People. While the original release only shows one, George Lucas digitally added more in later releases.

Here is the actor who played the role of the Bantha in the original Star Wars:


That’s Mardji the elephant, who was dressed as the bantha and apparently tried removing the costume while filming. More photos here.

original 1 original

Bantha Anatomy

Bantha tongue 560x212

via Wookieepedia

Bantha Cows vs. Bulls

url1 560x375

Looks like the same thing. via Wookieepedia

Bantha Taxidermy

Bantha Head 560x746

More taxidermy photos here

Sioux Banthas


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“Bantha Fodder”

From Urban Dictionary

bantha fodder (n): a term derived from the popular ‘Star Wars” movies, the bantha is a large tusked creature whose food is known as bantha fodder. Because of the inability for the bantha to attain lithe and agile food, its meals consist of weak and slow animals. Thusly, bantha fodder becomes a term used to define anyone or anything who fits the description of the bantha’s fodder.

Bantha as Food

url 560x476

MMMMMM. via flickr

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aka Bantha-on-a-stick

Bantha Pug


Bantha Art

Bantha NEGAS 560x448

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star wars r2 d2 fighting ganon on bantha 560x630

via Andy Hunter

Bantha Beer

banthabeer e1364690061661Awesome, though I think it’s only a T-shirt.

Bantha LEGO

02 560x374


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Bantha Collectibles

Gentle Giant Star Wars: Bantha and Tusken Raider Statue
bantha statue 560x560

This will only set you back about $200.

NEW: Bantha Plush


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