Fun With Occupy Wall Street Signs

occupy header 560x383

With the Occupy Wall Street movement celebrating its two-month anniversary, now seems like a perfect time to reflect on how far the “99%” have come before the mole people living beneath lower Manhattan cannibalize them. And the best way to do this is of course with fabricated protest signs. So, let’s get to it.

Jay Z wants his royalties

occupy 1 560x407

Nobody likes a literal protestor

occupy 2

A yummy solution

occupy 3 560x466

A movement we can all get behind

occupy 10 560x382

Clever boy

occupy 7 560x392

It happens

occupy 5

Twi-tards are people too

occupy 8


occupy 6 560x358

Stop the madness

occupy 4

Vitamin C will help

occupy 9 560x387