Five Fun Travel Activities in Helsinki

Helsinki 1 560x187Traveling abroad can be a once in a lifetime excursion for many people, which means making every possible minute count is the key to a positive return on investment. That means finding plenty of fun things to do that are close to where you are staying. Accommodations can be the most important aspect of the entire trip. As an example, we’re going to take a look at Helsinki, Finland.

In a search for Helsinki hotels, visitors should evaluate the location and service of the facility to make sure it fits with all the anticipated needs. Properties like the Crowne Plaza Helsinki are eager to greet guests searching for the ultimate in amenities and offerings. However, the city is loaded with properties that cover the complete budget range. Just like the hotel options, the search for activities in the Helsinki area is equally dizzying, but there are several fun options that can really transform the traveling experience.

1) Ice Karting

Ice Kart 560x187Few things attract attention like fast cars on slippery ice. Ice karting is a popular attraction that many visitors to area are a little leery of at first, but once they take a few laps around the track they quickly realize the fun of the situation. In short, the activity can be something that keeps everybody talking for the rest of the year and creates memories to last a lifetime.

2) Skiing

Skiing 560x186Few activities are as popular in Nordic countries as skiing, and Helsinki offers several resorts and slopes within a short drive. The central location allows travelers to experience some truly magnificent scenery while enjoying a pastime that dates back centuries in the area. After all, traveling to Finland would not be complete without a trip down a mountain side.

3) Museums

Museum 560x187The benefits of traveling throughout Europe is the rich cultural history that dates back much further than typical domestic history. Traveling back through the centuries and experiencing some of the unique displays at any of the massive Helsinki museums can be a great way to spend an afternoon or two.

4) Hetta Huskies Farm

Dogs 560x186Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and the animals served some interesting purposes in Helsinki. Whether traveling via dog sled or simply interacting the many different dogs on the farm, Hetta Huskies Farm can be a great place to create more than a few memories and even make a new furry friend. Easily one of the most enjoyable attractions for animal lovers.

5) Suomenlinna

Fort 560x187A short ferry ride to Suomenlinna is time well spent as visitors get to take in some spectacular views of an old fort that dates back to the 18th century. While the fortress has changed hands a number of times due to conflict, the current state serves as a massive tourist attraction that stoke the fires of imagination in every visitor. Stepping back in time has never been so easy.

Helsinki 2 560x187In the end, Helsinki offers something for every member of the travel party. Guys looking to spend time zipping around an ice track, trekking behind a dog sled, or zipping down a mountain slope can easily meet those goals at one of the area attractions. Of course, men looking to step back in time at a slower pace can do so at one of the classic Helsinki museums or tour Suomenlinna, the local fortress dating back centuries. The area can create memories to compliment just about every imaginable taste. From action to leisure, Helsinki has a unique answer waiting.