Fun With Duff Beer

simpsons duff beer wallpaper 560x420

Duff Beer is the fictional beer that they drink on The Simpsons. But to make matters more confusing, there is a real Duff Beer, which is made by the Daleside Brewery. I know! So confusing.

Anyway, you can read all about Duff Beer on Wikipedia, which tells you all about Duff-related things, such as Duff Gardens, and the Seven Duffs.

Duff Beer Videos

Duff Beer Song

The beer’s official spokesman is Duffman. Here’s his song.

Duff Brewery in Argentina

Video beer review of Duff Beer

Not Duff Beer

Duff Beer Energy Drink with Collector’s Case (4 Pack)51m5Inm6nhL. SL500 AA300 e1271201304255

Okay, so you can’t drink real Duff Beer, but you CAN drink Duff Energy Drink. Go ahead, I dare you.

And, when you run out of Duff…

Flaming Moe Energy Drink
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Flaming Moe’s, that’s my name that name again is Flaming Moe’s.

Mini Duff Beer Can Mints Two-Pack
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Duff mints. Wonder if they’re beer-flavored.

Duff Beer Stuff

Duff Beer Can and Playing Cards51V1GNVWM8L. SL500 AA300

Yeah, now we’re talking. Beer and cards.

Duff Beer Pint Glass
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A very well-crafted glass, you can drink real beer in this. Just not Duff.

10-Light Plastic Blow Mold Simpson’s Duff Beer Can Light Set
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This is pretty cool. Nothing like Duff lights for the rumpus room.

Talking Duff Beer Ice Bucket
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Duff Beer Clothing

Duff Beer Logo Red Shirt
41nCWV7lyML. AA300

Looks to me like the premier Duff T-Shirt.

Duff Beer Binge Responsibly Mens T-Shirt
41cgefGKKXL. AA300

For those of you who think you’re being funny while wearing a Duff Beer T-Shirt.

Duff Beer Logo Baseball Cap
41VUiTgtRiL. SL500 AA300

Not a bad looking hat. Goes well with either T-Shirt.

Duff Brewery Springfield, USA Baseball Cap
51qre7 UHzL. SL500 AA300

Now this is just plain fugly.

Homer Simpson and Duff Beer Cufflinks with Presentation Box
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When the Beer Runs Out