Fun With Google: Gunaxin Users’ Search Terms

google girlAttracting users via search results on Google is invaluable to website businesses, particularly relatively small or new ones trying to build an audience. The search terms also say quite a bit about the users themselves, what exactly they’re looking for and perhaps even what type of people they are.

We here at Gunaxin like to pride ourselves on quality content meant to entertain, and will now unveil the most popular search terms typed into Google that bring new users to our site:

1. Erin Andrews video/nude/nude video/videos/peephole video/peephole/nude pics

Top Gunaxin Result: Is ESPN Protecting a Nude Erin Andrews Video?

2. Danica Patrick tattoo/tattoo photos

Top Gunaxin Result: Danica Patrick Tattoo Update

bodypaint66 75x753. Body painting on women

Top Gunaxin Result: The Wonders of Body Paint on Women

4. Gunaxin/

Top Gunaxin Result:
Kidding. I find it odd that people actually search for instead of just going to

5. Hot girls unleashed

Top Gunaxin Result: Fun With Google: Hot Girls
I have a question. When someone types in ‘hot girls unleashed,’ what exactly are they expecting to find? Women wearing dog collars with an unhooked leash? Actually that’d be cool.

6. Young actresses

Top Gunaxin Result: Hollywood’s Top Young Actresses

jennyp penny mathis 33 75x75

7. Penny Mathis/Jenny P

Top Gunaxin Result: Meet Jenny P, or is it Penny Mathis

8. Bollywood sex

Top Gunaxin Result: Bollywood Sex Symbols on YouTube

sammy braddy 11 75x759. Sammy Braddy

Top Gunaxin Result: Sammy Braddy, Our Busty Savior

10. Ewa Sonnet

Top Gunaxin Result: Busty Polish Beauty, Ewa Sonnet

carrie milbank 75x75

11. Carrie Milbank

Top Gunaxin Result: The Best Carrie Milbank Gallery on the Net

12. Songs about suicide

Top Gunaxin Result: Top Ten Songs About Suicide

13. Caz Pal

Top Gunaxin Result: Phelps and Caz Split

14. Pernilla Lundberg

Top Gunaxin Result: Straight from Sweden: Pernilla Lundberg

usc song girls 2009 rose bowl 08 75x75

15. USC cheerleaders

Top Gunaxin Result: USC Song Girls at the Rose Bowl

16. Celebrity boobs

Top Gunaxin Result: Celebrity Side Boobs

17. Beer quotes

Top Gunaxin Result: Twenty Great Beer Quotes

18. Mario Lemieux house

Top Gunaxin Result: Stanley Cup Goes Swimming at Mario’s

19. Turkey Porn

Top Gunaxin Result: Turkey Porn

20. Gay Songs

Top Gunaxin Result: Top 50 Gay Songs: Which Do You Own?