Fun With Google: Hot Girls

google girlThe Google suggest feature is often entertaining, as it suggests in real time what you might be searching for. If you haven’t seen it, it often gives good but sometimes humorous suggestions. The term ‘hot girls’ is frequently searched when users come to Gunaxin through Google. But Google won’t stop at that. Here is what else it suggests:

  • Hot girls unleashed
  • Hot girls games
  • Hot girls dress up
  • Hot girls wallpapers
  • Hot girls fishing (yes, fishing)
  • Hot girls and cars
  • Hot girls posters
  • Hot girls myspace layouts
  • Hot girls in Pakistan (WTF? Pakistan? Pakistan?)
  • Hot girls photo

Also, let’s type in ‘Hot women’ and we get…

  • Hot women in the world
  • Hot women athletes
  • Hot women dancing
  • Hot women over 40
  • Hot women 2008
  • Hot women golfers
  • Hot women photo gallery
  • Hot women over 50
  • Hot women tennis players
  • Hot women fox news

Now, let’s loot at the featured result, hot girls fishing: