Fun With Google : Hot Girls Part II

google girlIt’s that time again to check out what Google has to suggest when you search for “Hot Girls.” Last time we checked, “Hot Girls Unleashed” was the top result, though there seemed to be no search result with hot girls wearing collars breaking free of their leashes (and I’m Feeling Lucky was no help, either). How disappointing.

Since search results are a work in progress, and there is no letup in the number of users searching for ‘hot girls,’ here are the latest results of the Google Suggest feature, as if you didn’t already know:

  • Hot girls games
  • Hot girls dress up
  • Hot girls wallpapers
  • Hot girls fishing (video featured in the first post)
  • Hot girls in scary places
  • Hot girls posters
  • Hot girls and cars
  • Hot girls myspace layouts
  • Hot girls of the olympics
  • Hot girls tasered

The featured search result is the last on this list, ‘hot girls tasered.’ The first two minutes of this Jackass-stlye video show just dudes, but after that the chicks come in: