Fun With Google: The Most Searched Gay Slur

google girlAccording to, there are 89 common gay slurs. While Gunaxin does not endorse slurs against homosexuals (especially since we own the site, search engine trends top our list of curiosities, right behind boobs, beer, sports, humor, media and gadgets. For reasons we don’t know, people search for gay slurs, either alone or alongside other words. The search results on Google usually return definition websites that define these words as slurs, which I’m sure is more preferred by sensible people than anti-gay websites, or even pornographic ones (I assume).

Anyway, comparing the search traffic of the most common gay slurs, which I believe are ‘faggot,’ ‘fag,’ ‘queer’ and ‘homo,’ these results came to light:

Picture 120 560x310‘Homo,’ which of course has a scientific term, leads the charge, getting 13.2 searches for each time someone searches for the word ‘faggot.’ In second place, with eight searches for every search for ‘faggot,’ is ‘queer,’ which technically means ‘odd or unusual’ but is now more commonly known as a slur against LGBT folks. Then comes ‘fag’ with 3.2.

So before we get too worked up over ‘homo’ winning this, let’s look at the home of the people who most frequently search this word:

Picture 121I don’t have time to get into the reasons as to why ‘homo’ trends so much more in Netherlands, Indonesia, Belgium, etc., compared to the other words, but I think it’s obvious that the results are distorted while comparing that word to the other slurs in the first exercise. Therefore, ‘queer’ is the likely winner. Hmmm. Unexpected. In the United States, ‘queer’ leads the charge, particularly in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Oregon.

Here are the other gay male slurs, some of which include the proper terms, such as ‘homosexual’ and ‘gay’ (which can be used in negative context). Others may be terms that homosexuals themselves use on each other to be funny (I’ve heard gay people call each other ‘cream puff’). Others are outright hilarious (“Frenchman?”). Stick them into Google trends and see how they compare to each other in the search engine world.

1 African queen (black gay male)
2 anal astronaut
3 ass bandit
4 ass goblin (gobblin’)
5 ass jockey
6 ass monkey
7 ass pirate
8 ass rammer
9 ass spelunker
10 ass Viking
11 batty boy
12 back door bandit
13 bender
14 bone smuggler
15 booty bandit
16 bubble biter
17 bumhole explorer
18 bumhole surfer
19 bummer
20 bunty boy
21 butthole explorer
22 butthole surfer
23 butt bandit
24 butt banger
25 butt buddies
26 butt fucker
27 butt pirate
28 butty
29 cake eater
30 chocolate starfish invader
31 cock jockey
32 cock smoker
33 cock sucker
34 colon bomber
35 cream puff
36 deviate
37 doughnut puncher
38 fag
39 faggot
40 fairy
41 femme
42 flamer
43 Frenchman
44 friend of Dorothy
45 fruit
46 fudge packer
47 galboy
48 gay
49 girl
50 goober gobbler
51 gump
52 hom (short for “homo”)
53 homo
54 homosexual
55 joto
56 Lavender with Rage
57 limp wrist
58 may tag
59 nancy
60 nelly
61 old lady
62 peter puffer
63 pillow biter
64 pillow muncher
65 poofter
66 pooter poker
67 pussy
68 queen
69 Rectal Wrangler
70 Rectum Raider
71 Roland
72 rump ranger
73 sausage jockey
74 seme
75 shirt lifter
76 shit shoveler
77 shit stabber
78 sissy
79 sister
80 skippy poofter
81 sodomite
82 swisher
83 tallywhacker toker
84 turd burglar
85 Turk
86 uke
87 uphill gardener
88 woman
89 wuss