Fun With Google: ‘Vanessa’ iGoogle Theme

Picture 15 560x99On iGoogle, which is Google’s customizable home page, one of the most popular themes is the one above, called ‘Vanessa,’ who happens to be actress Vanessa Marcil.

While it’s absolutely no secret that the vast majority of Internet users surf for pornography, I’m a bit puzzled that Google, the world’s largest search engine, allows a photo of a chick covering her boob with her hand into this universe of content, whether user-generated or professionally done. You, and your kids, can find this one by clicking on ‘change theme’ and sort by ‘hottest.’ Unfortunately, ‘hottest’ means most used themes and not necessarily hot girls. Here are the ‘hottest.’

Picture 4 560x132

These suck. After hitting the ‘next’ button for a half hour, I found a couple other girl-themed ones.

Picture 2 560x106Picture 3 560x100

Picture 21 560x105

Wow. Smokin’ hot, huh?

It’s safe to say that Google is only best for finding photos of hot girls, and doesn’t necessarily have the best selection of hot girls for its iGoogle themes.